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Welcome to Trevallan Lifestyle Centre

  Helping you create your growing personal environment with a little TLC.


Do you love to create your own unique personal space?
We can help you give it some extra TLC; styling a room or a garden and setting the mood with colour, scents, plants, décor and furniture is our speciality.

Trevallan Lifestyle Centre wants to help you create gardens, outdoor rooms and indoor rooms that arouse the senses, delight the eye and suit YOUR lifestyle.

We aren’t just gardening specialists we are listening specialists.  All we want to do is make YOU happy.

Trevallan stocks a wide range of indoor, general and speciality plants, vegetable and flower seedlings, fruit trees, natives and exotics together with traditional garden centre lines including speciality pots and planters, organic and non organic non-hybrid open pollinated seeds, organic potting mixes and mulches, organic fertilisers and garden pharmaceuticals.

Trevallan, as the name suggests, is also a Lifestyle Centre. This aspect of the business focuses on garden features, ornaments, potted pretties (established plants potted into decorative pots), aromatherapy products including Australian Perfect Potion essential oils, home wares, candles, original jewellery, original artwork, furniture, lamps and soft furnishings. 

Plants, pots and the lifestyle range all help you create your own personal environment.

A home and its garden are many things – a place to relax, to soothe the soul, a place to entertain in, a haven to retreat to, or a place for children to play and have fun.

Our aim is to not only provide you with an amazing experience when you visit us in store but to also provide you with an online experience like no other.  A place where you can find out about events,  see the latest products and gain valuable information for home and garden thanks to Chelsea’s Tips.  There really is something for everyone at Trevallan. No matter what you need to create, the Trevallan Team is here to help you breathe life into it.

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