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July 10, 2017

Ways to Maintain your Garden this Winter

While the mornings have been getting colder the days are still very warm. So it’s still all systems go in my yard.

I read a great little article the other day on 5 ways to maintain your garden during spring. I thought I’d add to it with a few more tips.


I always mow and then spray about three days later. I use Searles ‘Lawn Perfect’ as it kills most of the weeds coming up at the moment. I don’t worry too much about winter weed as I find out it dies out quickly as soon as the weather warms up.

About two months ago I soil wetted and fertilised my lawn with organically certified soil soaker and lawn fertiliser so it’s really thick and hopefully will survive the winter.


Spray my fruit trees and change my fruit fly trap wick

I wasn’t paying much attention to my citrus this year. I trimmed them early and now all the new growth has been attacked by aphids and mites. I am going to spray them with Eco-oil (BFA certified organic spray) and I am going to give them a fertilise with Organic Link (BFA certified organic fertiliser). I should also start a fortnightly fertilise with Plant Care to give them an immediate boost.

If you have any sick plants in your garden at the moment, this would work a treat for almost any plant.

Any fruit I did get was hit by fruit fly so I also need to refresh my Fruit Fly trap wick and start using Eco-naturalure. I’ve just started to get tomatoes and I don’t want them hit by fruit fly.


Feed my winter flowering plants

My camellia sasanquas are all looking good (I remembered to fertilise them in Autumn) Now its time to feed with Organic Link my rondeletias, zygo cacti, azaleas, camellia japonicas and my poinsettias to keep them looking good and help promote flowers. I will also start Liquid fertilising with Silica and Potash.


Fertilise and use soil wetter

I have been a bit slack in some areas of my garden and its starting to show in the health of my plants.

My gardens need a soil wetter treatment and a fertilise.

I am trialling the new natural Soil Soaker by Plant of Health. Soil Soaker enables hydrophobic soils to become water penetrable and retain water. It also houses beneficial microbes, nutrients, silica and diatomaceous earth these make soil healthy which in turn improves root and shoot development and also reduces plant stress. I will use Soil Soaker first then in a week or so give them all a good fertilise with Organic Link. Late winter they will all get a good haircut.


Enjoy my Vegetable Patch

I’ve reduced my vegetable patch this year and I’m focusing more on herbs, leafy greens and snow peas. I could eat snow peas until I turn green! I am enjoying having a smaller area to take care of as its easier to manage. All vegetables are planted and I have been giving them a fortnightly liquid fertilise with Triple Boost and Neem (to help reduce bugs). One month in and I’m already enjoying bok Choy, spinach, cherry tomatoes and silverbeet.


Jobs done … I can kick back relax read my Winter About the Garden Magazine and enjoy the sunshine!



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