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June 22, 2017

Vegetable Garden Workshop

Do you want a pretty and productive garden this spring? Have little space or a whole yard? Want to have an edible garden but have no idea how to achieve it? Maybe you’ve tried to ‘grow your own’ before and not grown much only disappointment.

This is the workshop is for you.

The Mountain Man, who was the Head Gardener of the Brookfield Kitchen Gardens, will take us through the steps to set up (or revitalise) our very own Kitchen Gardens.  

I believe that a productive garden can work in any type of landscape or garden and the best way to achieve this is to utilise the principles of the Potager garden. The idea of a Potager garden basically combines the utilitarian nature of the English kitchen garden with the style and grace of French fashion. It is basically an ornamental vegetable garden. Plants are chosen for both their edible and ornamental natures and are put together in such a way that it looks pretty while still providing food.

The Mountain Man will start from how to build the soil right through to what to plant and how to care for our productive garden. He will also discuss and help us solve some common gardening problems/insects that can affect our gardens.

It doesn’t matter if you have never had a productive garden or if you have been gardening for years. There is sure to be something that everyone can take home and apply.

Workshop Details

Saturday 23rd September 2017

1 pm – 2:30 pm

Trevallan Lifestyle Centre

77 Fernvale Road Brassall

Tickets are $15ea with $5 cash back on any purchases bought on the day
Tickets can be purchased by clicking here              $5 voucher will be emailed with confirmation


The Mountain Man is a third generation qualified horticulturist with over twenty years experience.  He has a background in wholesale and retail nursery, plant tissue culture, soft landscaping. He was also the Head Gardener for the Kitchen Gardens at Brookfield Garden Centre where he maintained the gardens and gave workshops on how to maintain a working kitchen garden. 

 The Mountain Man is currently specialising in Australian Natives with a semi-formal garden element. His Mission is to work alongside people in the development of their outdoor areas enhancing both look and feel while raising awareness of environmental factors. Using the most sophisticated combination of native, exotic, modern, classical and organic methods and materials.




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