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January 6, 2018

The Mystic Garden

Trevallan is proud to now offer a reading and healing garden.
We are calling our new space the Mystic Garden.
We have engaged a variety of different healers to service our many amazing clients and their needs throughout the week. 
We are very excited about this and hope you can support this beautiful new venture. We currently have two readers with another joining us in February. 
You can book via the links below or in store. 


Mystic Garden on Saturdays

Introducing Lorelle from Dimensional Healing

Lorelle will be joining us on Saturdays in our Mystic Garden

Lorelle is an intuitive wisdom Mentor, healer and creative who has been a Reiki Master/teacher for over 15 years and is experienced in a variety of energy modalities.

Lorelle assists sensitive, professional women working in caring or support roles.

Lorelle supports them by facilitating self healing sessions, showing them simple ways to release limiting beliefs and emotions and providing a process so they can claim back their inner wisdom and peace.

On Saturdays Lorelle offering a reading session that involves reading your energy using oracle cards for insight and flower energy for healing.

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Mystic Garden on Thursdays

Introducing you to Cassandra from CJoy – Clarity Coach

Cassandra is a Psychic Medium that prefers talking to the living.

She uses Tarot, Crystals and other visual or emotional aides to enable you to better reconnect and retain the vast amount of information she taps into.

She speaks plainly and respects the power that words have and hold.

Cassandra is available at Trevallan on Thursdays.

For your Booking
Relax and Ground naturally as we connect your energy to the ancient rhythms and natural forces guiding you through life.
Cassandra will use a single deck and a spread that you will choose. So she can help you begin to unwind and heal what’s holding you back.

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