Trevallan Lifestyle Centre

January 1, 2018

Kokedama Workshops


Trevallan is excited about bringing back our Kokedama Workshops. 

Kokedama is a style of Japanese bonsai.

It is made by binding the plants root ball with a unique soil mixture, moss and string.

In this hands on workshop we will be teaching you how to make your own kokedama (string ball plant).


Over the years there has been so much research into not only how being outdoors improves your life but how being surrounded by green living plants inside improves your life, health, brain functioning and even your bank balance.   

Plants aren’t a luxury they are a necessity.

Sometimes though it’s a little hard to keep indoor plants thriving.

Kokedamas are a great way to have plants indoors with very little care and attention from you!

After this workshop you will walk away with your very own Kokedama (with care instructions). Perfect to brighten up your living space or give as a gift!

All materials supplied – just bring yourself. 



Dates for Workshops

Saturday 10th March 2018


@Trevallan Lifestyle Centre

77 Fernvale Road



Click here to book for $55.

Place is only confirmed once payment is made. 


Please note – This workshop goes for approximately one hour. You will be required to stand for most of this time as it’s easier to handle the tools while standing.

Places are very limited so I can spend time with each of you.



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